The members of New York band LAUNDRY DAY are all high school seniors. (Photo courtesy of Camila Ffrench)
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Teenage band LAUNDRY DAY is not afraid of experimentation and intimacy

Composed of five rising high school seniors, LAUNDRY DAY has amassed an energetic fan base nationwide and even internationally these past two years. From their first album, “Trumpet Boy,” to their latest release “HOMESICK,” the band has brought a refreshing, engaging taste to the boy band music scene.

Their sound is described as complex and most simply as alternative pop influenced by rock, hip-hop, jazz, and punk that has something for everybody, vocalist Jude Lipkin said. Based in New York City, LAUNDRY DAY formed at Beacon High School, recruiting bassist Henry Pearl, guitarist Henry Weingartner, drummer Etai Abramovich, and guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Sawyer Nunes.

“We have trouble finding a specific genre that we can put ourselves into,” Weingartner said. “We’re trying to create something of our own.”

Despite being high schoolers, LAUNDRY DAY has soared in the music industry and continues to grow in popularity. They don’t find their age as an obstacle and encourage other high schoolers to just jump in according to Weingartner.

“In life, people are just waiting for that moment and it just never comes,” Lipkin said. “We live in a world where you can be accountable for yourself in the music industry and just make music in your room with yourself. You shouldn’t have to wait on anybody else if you really want to do it.”

LAUNDRY DAY has not only established their own trademark style, but has also enraptured fans across the nation with their dynamic live shows. Their upcoming “All My Friends Tour” will feature their latest album “HOMESICK”.

LAUNDRY DAY (Photo courtesy of Camila Ffrench)

“Every show feels like a birthday party,” Lipkin said. “We thought of ‘All My Friends’ because we’re going to invite ‘all of our friends’ to come and have a party with us and just have fun.”

Compared to past tour in April, “All My Friends” will be an entirely different aesthetic suited for a lot of fun and dancing. The tour will encompass the birthday party theme and fans should expect “awesome” new merch, band members said.

Released in March, 2019, “HOMESICK”, includes 10 genre-bending, enigmatic tracks which each speak to the album as a whole.

“HOMESICK” is an intimate journey through the lives of five teenage boys where they each reflect on their pasts through nostalgia and self-discovery. The album opens with “10 SPEED,” a distorted, eclectic piece.

It also includes mellow fan-favorites such as “CHA” and “Harvard.” “FRIENDS,” a reminiscent track, reminds listeners that good things end quickly, leaving the album on an abrupt yet thoughtful note.

This album boasts their talent with its expansive range and is a clear evolution of their past work. As the band matures, so does their music as they become more comfortable with experimentation and lyrically encapsulate their teen spirit.

“We’ve become a lot more mature as people,” Weingartner said. “So the subject matter of the songs have gotten more sophisticated and the production has too.”

As for the impact of their music, LAUNDRY DAY hopes that people resonate with it and that they respond in a way that feels organic and versatile.

“I think we like to promote this happiness, love and just try to make people think and feel,” Lipkin said. “That’s the best thing music can do to me. It’s not that complicated to us.”

Their lyrical content is largely dependent on their first hand experiences as teenagers and what they are going through. With lyrics such as “I’ve been askin’ everyone to help me with my feelings” and “I feel like a stranger in my own skin,” LAUNDRY DAY writes music with a type of authenticity and relatability that is true to themselves as a band.

“We’re just 17 year olds and the people who are listening to the music are 17 year olds,” Weingartner said. “So if we can just talk about what’s happening to us, chances are, it’s happening to them too.”

According to Lipkin, LAUNDRY DAY hopes to take their current momentum and use it to make more music, take themselves to the next level, and just connect with more people to spread happiness and love through their music.

“We’re continuing to build,” Lipkin said. “We’re trying to take over. Let’s do it.”

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