Photo credit: © Rylan J. Daniels
Windward School

Review: Comic book-style manifesto ‘Artful Design’ is a search through the sublime

“Artful Design” by Ge Wang, is a manifesto declaring the importance of merging art with technology. The symbol on the cover, the Chinese word for “person,” 人 (ren), captures this idea of form and function coming together.

The book is written in the style of a comic book, complete with speech bubbles, illustrations and photographs. Wang showcases his engaging philosophy by using examples from visual design, sound design, social design and even game design. This inspired me to write a review about the book in a similarly comic book style!

Below is my full review of “Artful Design.” On the left are quotes that I found particularly interesting. On the right are some of my observations — as comic book speech bubbles.

“Artful Design” is a manifesto for the future. Let’s design the future with “Artful Design.”

Photo credit: © Rylan J. Daniels