The image displays the declining IQ levels throughout the years. Photo courtesy of Fellowship of the Minds
Yorba Linda High School

The new generation: an age of declining intellect

It seems that quintessential American products of apple pie, baseball and hotdogs have been replaced by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump as prominent symbols of American culture.

Americans are obsessed with the self-indulgent and grandiose lives and the antagonistic “tweets” of unintelligent narcissistic personalities. The new generation of youths is more interested in feeding their virtual entertainment appetite than in reading for pleasure.

These changes can be best explained by western society now having increasingly underdeveloped imaginations, lack of critical thinking and analysis skills and a society of declining intellect.

This new age can possibly be explained by an intellectually devolving population.

A study released in 2013 has indicated a decline in intelligence since the Victorian Era. The new study, co-conducted by Dr. Jan te Nijenhuis, Professor of Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, shows that Westerners lost an average of 14 Intelligence Quotient points since the Victorian era.

According to David Wolfe, in basic terms, “that is the difference between someone with average intelligence and one who is cognitively impaired.”

A Stanford University researcher, Dr. Gerald Crabtree theorized that if a citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to be brought into modern society, he or she would be considered one of the brightest and most intellectually advanced amongst his colleagues.

What is the reason behind this change?

Nijenhuis proposed a negative association between IQ and fertility. She refers to the fact that women of higher intelligence tend to have less children than women of lower intelligence, therefore generations of people with lower intellect are created.

Crabtree on the other hand attributes the decrease to a mutation occurring in the human species’ genes that causes lower intelligence.

Another idea is of survival of the fittest is no longer weeding out less genetically sound members due to human rights. Advancements in technology and medicine has allowed most people to live long enough to mate and pass on their genes, regardless of cognitive ability.

A Harvard research study presented another plausible reason for the decline. It found that the amounts of fluoride found in tap water leads to worsening neurodevelopment in children, according to David Wolfe.

Children who lived in high fluoride areas tended to have lower IQs than children who lived in low fluoride areas. In combination with the fluorine problem, the processed food diet of Western’s youth and the amount of pesticides on fruits and vegetables may also be contributing factors.

Regardless of the factors contributing to lowered IQs, society overall is essentially becoming less and less intelligent.

Yorba Linda High School student, Jayden Hawley states, “I think that people are far less cultured and knowledgeable about the vast world around us. And it’s important that we try to get back to where we once were.”

Western society has devolved and it is of vital importance to improve and return to the intellectual giants humans once were.


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  • Reply Doug Campbell February 7, 2018 at 8:35 pm

    What you are seeing is not a decrease in intelligence but a decrease in ability to process knowledge. Those with intelligence and true knowledge will succeed better in our society than those lacking one or both. A person may have intelligence but lack the tools to properly winnow and process the knowledge which they are presented, and hence be more susceptible to believing that which is not true, but which best matches their belief system. A firm knowledge of the scientific method and the relationship between unproven and proven hypotheses is not something which is taught routinely in school. So, your concentration might better be spent on why the training to process and discern the truth that knowledge is decreasing. I believe that our evolving digital culture presents great amounts of knowledge, but gives no tools to discern that which is true and that which is false.


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