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‘The Laws of Nature’ — a poetic response to the child separation of immigrant families

You see the trees —

Clear wooden border, a distinct

separation between two places. One side

by nature different. We’re

the same though;


two homo sapiens with keratin hair

and keratin nails and vessels pulsing with

blood throughout our bodies. So


how are we different? They call you illegal

but by nature we were both conceived and

born and


diffuse across borders to

seek shelter. Human nature is

to desire security

to want safety


But human nature is also

to feel a tinge in our hearts

When we see


Parent ripped apart from their

own offspring.

Like mother bear protects its cubs


so too human mother

clutches her children in her arms.

Safety includes


an environment where

life expectancies aren’t hindered and where

A job can be held


a place where a life can be lived.


so tell me how,

in the same place now,

I see no trees.


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