(Photo courtesy of Kyle Dybdal)
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Twitter influencer ‘@KylePlantEmoji’ uses internet comedy to spread positivity

“The greatest new art form, at least in the world of comedy, is the meme,” said Tina Fey. Every day, we see thousands of memes across the internet. Right now, the Area 51 raid and age morphing apps make their rounds through Twitter and Instagram. Tomorrow, who knows what will captive us. It could be a new graphic by an artist or an absurd celebrity remark.

If comedy is an art form, then internet comedians are the artists. They create new jokes and memes that we circulate; they use their platform to create viral ideas. For example, YouTuber Drew Gooden sarcastically claimed to be flushed into the air through an aircraft toilet and was met with genuine concern by Delta Airlines on social media.

Music artist Lil Nas X used a joke about his song “Panini” to meet up with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and cook an actual panini.

One such internet comedian is the Twitter user @kyleplantemoji. Kyle Dybdal specializes in creating relatable and niche content.

Some of his most viral tweets include “Every group chat births a second smaller group chat without the annoying people, and if you think yours doesn’t, I have some bad news” and “Kidneys are just body Britas.”

On some levels, Dybdal serves as a paradigm for the many Twitter comedians who populate the site. While Dybdal has a livelihood in IT, he uses his platform for laughs.

On a phone call with Dybdal, he told me that any specific tweet’s success is completely arbitrary, and not related to the amount of work he puts into any single one. While tweets that go viral tend to be the more general, the ones that go viral are the ones that are the most digestible.

One of his viral tweets was a response to the @notviking tweet “let’s scream.”

“I just quoted it with ‘birds be like.’ Three words, and that got over 420,000 likes. I’ve been on this site for a little while now and sometimes I can expect how popular things will be. I did not see that one coming at all.”

Dybdal has also used his internet platform to spread positivity and condemn toxic ideas like racism and rape jokes. He has also voiced his own political commentary on his twitter for issues such as immigration reform, gun violence, and LGBTQ rights. He says that while he gained his platform through somewhat unclean jokes, he wields it now for forces of good. 

“I think there’s just so much negativity online, and I have this platform,” he said.

He intends to use the influence he’s garnered to make the world a better place, albeit somewhat on a small scale.