East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Los Cinco Puntos Restaurant

It was 1967 when Los Cinco Puntos was established. It was built on 3300 East Cesar E. Chavez, a street at the borderline of East L.A. and Boyle Heights. It is still a well-known Mexican restaurant that could only be found here in East L.A. It not only brings together all of the Latino community, but also other ethnicities as well. This business is considered a symbol because it is very recognizable to the people in East L.A.; they might even tell you that it’s from the movie “Blood In Blood Out.” This place makes everyone feel like their culture is still with them. They find all their usual food like tacos, burritos, carnitas, and even burgers. It gives everyone the feeling of being at a real Mexican restaurant. The colors that it has on the outside are green, red, and white, the colors of the Mexican flag.

The most intriguing thing about this place is how you smell all of the food being cooked and the handmade tortillas as soon as you walk in. I personally enjoy watching the ladies flip the tortillas and how they don’t even hesitate turning them, even though they may burn themselves. When you walk in you see customers in line waiting to get their food. While they’re waiting, they usually have a cold soda or agua fresca of horchata, jamaica or tamarindo. The best part about this place is that all the employees are extremely friendly. They welcome you in the best way possible, especially if you go there often. They remember your name and talk to you as soon as you walk in.

I grew up on Alma Avenue, which is just a block away from the restaurant. Growing up, I would go a lot since my brothers and I really enjoyed the food. When my dad lived with us, we would go every other Sunday. Most of the time my mom’s friend would be there and she would welcome me, take my order, and then give me free horchatas or a taco while I would wait. Other times I would go when my mom would go to the laundromat and would send me to go get her food. I enjoyed going because I knew everyone and felt welcome every time.

The majority of the people who aren’t from East L.A. wouldn’t know what Los Cinco Puntos is, but they should know that it is very meaningful to us. If at some point they would want to know about the history of this community, they should really take this business into consideration because it has a lot of culture. This business has such meaning because if something were to happen to it, it would impact everyone. If it were brought down or closed, residents would totally have something to say about it.