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Step 1: Recruit an Adviser

Ask an adviser to serve as High School Insider’s point of contact with your school or educational program. The best HS Insider adviser is typically a school teacher or a program manager at an education organization that wants to support young people in sharing their stories with the world.

Need help with your ask? Send this HS Insider Adviser Guide to provide an overview of the program. Questions can be directed to Project Lead Rebecca Castillo at

Get your advisers’ name and email address and submit them with your permission slip in Step 2.

Step 2: Submit a Slip

Submit a permission slip so that Team HSI can create your WordPress account.

Please also read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.

Step 3: Share Your First Story
Within 3-4 business days, your permission slip will be processed and a member of Team High School Insider will send you an invitation to create your HSI account and this How-To Guide for submitting your first story.

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High School Insider has events and opportunities for all.

Access to the Los Angeles Times

High School Insiders get free two-year digital subscriptions to the Los Angeles Times. Get world news from a West Coast perspective.

Free Events and Conferences

Attend meet-up events, conferences and workshops to connect with other Insiders, hang out with professional journalists and learn.

Student Advisory Board

Apply to join the Student Advisory Board (SAB) to create the future of HSI. Applications open in at the beginning of each semester.

Paid Summer Internship

Every summer, HSI creates a pop-up newsroom. Apply to spend the summer covering your community. Applications open in April.

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