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Access to the Los Angeles Times

High School Insiders get free two-year digital subscriptions to the Los Angeles Times. Get world news from a West Coast perspective.

Insider Story Series

Youth voices are often underrepresented in discussions about issues facing our society. High School Insider seeks to change this through our annual Story Series. Throughout the year, HSI will put a callout for submissions about a major current event or issue – from mental health to immigration. Insiders from all over the country submit stories related to the topic, creating a multifaceted exploration of the student perspective in one Series.

Check out past story series here:

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Free Events and Conferences

Insider Meet-Ups: IRLs and URLs

For years, High School Insider has hosted quarterly “IRLs”: events that convene student and professional journalists around a topic chosen by Insiders. It’s a rare opportunity for both groups to meet in a casual setting. For now, our IRL’s are being held online, thus our “IRLs” have become “URLs.” What hasn’t changed is that these are really exciting opportunities to talk with professionals, meet students from across the country, and talk about the issues that matter to you

High School Journalism Day (J-Day)

Over 200 students from schools across Southern California attend our annual fall conference held on a college campus in the Los Angeles area. Students participate in reporting contests and workshops on topics including sports, education, data and Spanish-language reporting. Conferences have been held at California State University Northridge and the University of Southern California. HS Insider co-sponsors the conference, along with the host university, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Southern California Journalism Education Association.

Student Advisory Board

High School Insider’s Student Advisory Board is a powerful team of young leaders. They work hard to make HSI an active, engaging community of writers, readers and thinkers.

Every year, SAB members create a vision for HS Insider content initiatives and pursue their own stories related to the topic. They collaborate on multimedia stories like photo series or podcasts. They develop tools and resources that help student journalists grow as reporters. They plan and execute events (virtual, for now) that bring students and journalists together to learn from one another. In short, SAB is a place for students who want to learn and lead.

If you are a dedicated high school storyteller who wants to get more involved in HS Insider, apply to become a Student Advisory Board member! Applications open at the beginning of every semester.

Paid Internships

L.A. Times High School Insider’s paid summer internship is an immersive professional learning opportunity where young journalists can experience the day-to-day life of a professional journalist. The program aims to teach students core journalism fundamentals and multimedia skills while exposing them to a professional work environment and mentorship at the Times.

Applications open every May. More updates regarding the 2022 Summer internship will come in the next couple of weeks.

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