Fountain Valley High School

Fountain Valley theatre’s ‘Macbeth’ to be performed at Ocean View High School with a new director

Fountain Valley High School’s Theatre Department plans to move the production of this year’s play “Macbeth” to Ocean View High School, with student teacher Jenny McClintock as the Director for the play.

Theatre teacher Robert Zick, FVHS’s usual director for its previous plays, is the Technical Director for this year.

According to Zick, FVHS performed plays and musicals at Ocean View in the past around five to six years ago, and there are multiple reasons to bring the shows to Ocean View this year. Performing on another stage is a better opportunity for the cast and crew to learn new things about theatre and in a new venue, and Ocean View, which actually has a stage, provides the cast and crew with a larger audience. In addition to this, the theatre department is able to bring the performance to a school that doesn’t have a theatre program.

“[McClintock] being a student teacher, [I] thought this would be a great chance for her to take on many of the roles a theatre teacher takes on,” said Zick, citing her passion for theatre, Shakespeare, and teaching as also being incentive to cast her as Director. “And I have to say that working with her has been a great experience.”

For preparing the play, McClintock said she spent the summer identifying the major themes of the play to find and create a suitable production. She hopes to convey the tone of the play, which is barren, toxic and hopeless.

“Mr. Zick, my theater master teacher, has also been endlessly patient and supportive not to mention incredibly generous to allow me to direct the Fall production, Macbeth,” said McClintock about her experience as Director. “It’s unusual for a student teacher to have this kind of opportunity, and I am grateful to have his trust.”

FVHS’s production of Macbeth will take place at Ocean View High School from Nov. 12 to 16.

“We make our overall district community better,” Zick said. “The more people who learn that theatre is a part of the world in which we live, the better our world will be after high school.”