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Elimination of honors classes at Culver High School

The elimination of honors classes calls out for a need for change.
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Hailey Gomberg

February 28, 2023

Culver City High School is getting rid of honors classes, with Assistant Principal Kelli Tarvyd citing the change was made to embrace “[academic] equity”

What isn’t being said? Anyone could take any honors class they want, the only prerequisite is motivation. 

“College Prep” classes have replaced these honors classes, leveling the rigor of material and work students receive. Those who learn quickly are stuck in the same classroom as those who need more time, frustrating students and parents alike. Students and parents also wonder what honors classes will be the next to go. 

Even worse? Honors classes aren’t even adequately accredited. 

Unlike other high schools across the nation, Culver High does not give students the extra GPA point that would normally entail honors classes. Affecting a student’s GPA and college admission chances, this has many students, such as myself, asking: “what’s the point?”. 

Just recently the district started going through the process of making these courses UC-approved honors classes, something that should have happened years ago. This won’t happen for all honors classes though: past honors English classes aren’t being UC honor accredited, potentially along with a few lower-level math courses. 

Issues regarding honors classes are just a small part of the problems in the Culver City Unified School District. Violence, fights, school board issues, and more are angering district community members, with many crying out for the need for change.

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