Watermelon samples offered at the Echo Park Farmers’ Market. (Photo by Geraldine Bathan)


Echo Park Farmers’ Market: The 17-year-old hidden gem in Echo Park

The Echo Park community is brought together in a weekly event supporting local farmers and small businesses.
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Geraldine Bathan

October 12, 2023

Established in 2006, the Echo Park Farmers’ Market has flourished and become one of the most popular attended markets in Los Angeles. This weekly hosted event gathers 15 local farmers every Friday to line up their assortment of goods, from fresh fruits and veggies to baked bread to handcrafted decor. 

The market is open at 3 p.m. and ends at 7:30 p.m. on Logan St., at Sunset Blvd. Guests can park at 1147 Echo Park Ave., next to Hollyway Cleaners. 

From farm to table, the produce at the Echo Park Farmers’ Market is fresh and high quality. Ayala Farms, a women-owned family farm, grows its produce in Oxnard, CA, popular for its rich agricultural land. The business offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and rotates stock by season. Currently, the passion fruit is back in supply, being the seasonal item of this fall. 

Fungi Valley pulls a twist on organic harvesting. The family-operated business cultivates its unique fungi in an indoor facility located in Downtown LA, providing customers with local fresh mushrooms all year round. Fungi Valley grows shiitake, chestnut, king trumpet, and other specialties. The stall is happy to help customers looking for a particular mushroom for a recipe or a new vegan meat replacement.

The Echo Park Farmers’ Market not only supports local farmers but shines the spotlight on small businesses as well. Stone Grove is an LA-based ceramic, painting, and floral company run by Haylee Hoff, who graduated from Purchase College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has been doing pottery for over a year. Hoff takes homemade to a new level and builds with a slab roller without any pottery wheel. She uses her photography as a reference for her artworks, drawing attention to the relationships of colors.

Stone Grove Ceramics displays homemade coasters, plates, mugs, and more for sale. (Photo by Geraldine Bathan)

The Echo Park community is a friendly, welcoming neighborhood filled with vibrant people. The market never feels empty with energizing music and the satisfying aroma of food in the air. 

As a first-time visitor to the market, the atmosphere felt very welcoming and alive. I felt a part of the community and enjoyed exploring the diverse array of stalls. There was also an information booth that serviced anyone in need. One stall that particularly caught my eye was The Angelo Ranch, which was giving out free watermelon samples. The watermelon was very sweet and had the perfect crunch. I purchased some strawberries and raspberries to take home, which were both incredibly rich in flavor. The strawberries pair very well with whipped cream and honey.

The Echo Park Farmers’ Market accepts CalFresh EBT cards and WIC checks, and most vendors have change for any amount. Parking is rarely full and is within walking distance from the market. The market organizes community and family events often, making it a great way to spend your Friday afternoon with family.