Lin-Manuel Miranda drops the mic after my question
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Video: Rapping to Lin-Manuel Miranda at Disney’s ‘Moana’ Press Conference

Lin-Manuel Miranda, award-winning creator of “Hamilton” and songwriter for Disney’s latest princess movie, “Moana,” dropped the mic after I asked him my question at the “Moana” press conference.

Here’s the video–you don’t have to wait for it any longer. I did not throw away my shot, and this resulted in one of my proudest moments in my journalism career. Click above to see my question, his reaction, and his articulate answer!


Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne Johnson at the “Moana” Press Conference.
Reporter Cassandra Hsiao at the “Moana” Press Conference.
Lin-Manuel Miranda applauding after my question.

Catch “Moana” in theaters, Nov. 23!