San Gabriel High School

My message: Stop overworking my parents

Dear future president,

According to the [U.S.] Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American work week is 47 hours. However, my parents work nearly double that amount while still earning either close to minimum wage or relying on tips to get by. They work hard and put up with this struggle to ensure that I won’t have to, and this gesture alone has been the main driving force behind my desire to thrive in my education. As a first generation Asian American, I am grateful for the all the sacrifices my parents have made and plan on repaying them in the future, but it should not be my sole responsibility to see that they are being fairly compensated for their own work. This country needs to be a place where employers will not take advantage of or exploit the immigrant workforce. They should not have to be bending over backwards for their children to find success in their own education and careers.

Kim Pham

San Gabriel High School

San Gabriel, Calif.