(Photo courtesy of @cosaslatinos)
Calabasas High School

How Mother’s Day in Nicaragua went from a Peaceful Demonstration to an Angry Bloodbath

Nicaraguans from all over the country assembled on Mother’s Day, May 30, to honor women who lost children in the last six weeks. Police officers once again arrived at the peaceful demonstration to attack. Officials sniped the crowds, killing and injuring civilians.

“The purpose of the march was to show support to the 92 mothers who have lost their children since the unrest began on April 18,” said participant Ivania Rodriguez. “The march was peaceful and beautiful with thousands of people joining. Most carried the flag, signs and photos of the persons that have been killed. We sang beautiful songs and chanted slogans. We then overheard a student asking for those carrying bazookas to run to the university because they were being attacked. My friend said we should go and as we got up to leave, people started leaving in all directions, the shooting started and we ran. There were sharpshooters, people falling, and people throwing rocks. My husband was caught in the middle of the fighting at the university and was finally able to get home. People are now angry and feel Ortega must leave.”

Nicaragua streets before the attacks

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Footage of Nicaragua streets after the attacks:

81 killed, 868 injured, 438 arrested & counting.
#NicaraguaLibre #SOSNicaragua

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