East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Gerardo Garcia J.

Gerardo Garcia is a 17 year old senior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy one of five schools here at Torres High School. He would like to be a musician because he want to be playing with famous bands and be recognized. He plays the clarinet and the accordion, he also want to learn to play more instruments. He also would like to be a soccer player and play for Club America. In 2013 he played soccer in Belvedere Park with a team named Chelsea. Gerardo plays most of the positions except for goalie even though he would like to, but his favorite positions to play is as a wing because he would help to defend and to attack. In his free time Gerardo likes to draw. He draws depending on how he is feeling at that moment. He also likes to try different things, and to stay active, he will like to construct and design his own car. Gerardo will be the first one to graduate from High School and go to College in his family. One of Gerardo’s goal is to accomplish his mother’s goal which is to have her own house. Another goal he wants to make is to be an architect and construct important buildings or houses. He also would like to travel and see different people’s constructions.