East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Jacob A. Munoz

Jacob Munoz is currently a senior attending the East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy on the Torres high school campus. Ever since he was a 5 year old child, he enjoyed playing many sports like football, baseball, and basketball. Out of the three, football is his favorite. He currently plays for Torres high school and is in his last season of high school football. He was also going to play baseball but after being moved up to Varsity in football his freshman year he decided to quit other sports and focus on football. In his free time off practices, he enjoys going out with friends to lots of public places, and spending time with his family. Other things Jacob enjoys to do is bike and exercising. He got into biking when he moved in with his step dad because the new friends he made on that block got him into the lifestyle. It allows them to ride to skate parks everywhere, and ride the streets of LA to explore as well. For exercise, when he is not in season for football, he runs the cemetery by his house with friends at night or first thing in the morning. For his future plans, he first wants to graduate high school at Torres. After that though, his possible plan is to go to a community college to complete his generals the first two years, then transfer to a four year college to possibly study Radiology, where he gained interest from his step-father who is an X-Ray tech and surgeon at the East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital. He is aware that the job may come with many hours, but like he has seen in his step-father is that their pay is pretty well in the medical field.