East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy


Jonathan Velasquez is a senior at East Los Angeles Renaissance academy. With a motivation to help others in the near future being the first born of parents who are health care providers growing up in the environment of helping others grew a invective inside him to know he wants to be in the medical field. Going to medical fairs and being at a physiology class slowly making his way to be able to choose specifically what he wants to be in the near future. Seeing his parents day and night helping others and seeing good people being helped and thanking his own parents grows on him as he started helping out with his parents when he was growing up helping seniors with everyday needs and growing helping others in any way he can. Being able to help others is a big factor for him being able to make everyone feel better is a goal he wants to keep. To make others laugh at school is another way he helps people is being funny in class and making everyone in class laugh and enjoys being closer to his teachers as if they were close friends of his was a skill Jonathan likes to have being able to be close with his teachers on a personal level. The type of person he is a friendly and outgoing and being able to be reliable for anyone who comes into contact with him.