East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy


Nestor Gonzales is a senior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, one of the high schools that are on the Torres campus. Nestor isn’t really much known for anything, his life was simple; just a normal high school student who loves music, soccer and spending time with family. Music has always been in his life, one genre that he’s been listening to since he was a kid is Metal. He says that if it wasn’t for that type of music, his personality wouldn’t be what it is now. A huge fanatic of soccer too, he sees it every day and plays it with family and friends. His father is behind his passion for music and soccer, and has been a fan for the Spanish team Real Madrid. The players had shown him that no matter how behind you are, never give up on what you really want; and it’s an inspiration that Nestor will be holding on to for the rest of his life. One accomplish he’s really proud of, is being in Torres High School soccer team since freshman year, not just because he’s in the team but because it makes him a scholar athlete; caring about getting his work done first. Not having much growing up is what made him who he is today, very shy and antisocial he may say; but he always preferred working alone. Nestor is currently working with Public Matters, an organization of a bunch of people that want to bring change in the community in a positive way; he believes Los Angeles can become a much better place than it is now. In the future Nestor plans on studying medicine and becoming a pediatrician, a dream career Nestor has been dreaming about since he was a little kid in hopes of fulfilling his dream in becoming a doctor. He wants to attend the most prestigious universities there is, and he has his sights on one university since he was a little boy; that school is University of Southern California. USC has always been his dream school, he also plans on going to the medical school there, Keck School of Medicine in which he can study there for a career that will certify him as a doctor. A career in which he can help out others and save lives, he has always loved helping others out, especially being there for them. A career that will inspire others to follow their dreams, also where he can contribute to his society; and wants to be someone they can look up to.