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‘Twisted Colossus’ a new fan favorite at Six Flags Magic Mountain

‘Twisted Colossus’, the new and improved version of the Six Flags Magic Mountain fan favorite ride ‘Colossus’ features a steel track on top of the original wooden track which increases the speed and smoothens the ride. The 2015 High School Insider Interns rode the ride and offered their own opinions. Guy: Twisted Colossus was smooth,…
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Guy Ginsberg

July 30, 2015

‘Twisted Colossus’, the new and improved version of the Six Flags Magic Mountain fan favorite ride ‘Colossus’ features a steel track on top of the original wooden track which increases the speed and smoothens the ride. The 2015 High School Insider Interns rode the ride and offered their own opinions.

Guy: Twisted Colossus was smooth, very smooth. Imagine sliding chest down on a recently used butter knife. As someone who is generally very scared of roller coasters, I was pretty nervous getting settled in the seat. Climbing up the steep hill that precedes the “free fall” drop, I could be seen whispering prayers and obscenities to myself with eyes shut. However, while the fall down was more than frightening, the feeling of excitement and adrenaline was one that can’t be attained any other way. The ride is much tamer than other Six Flags attractions, so it is definitely doable for the more easily, scared riders like myself.

Twisted Colossus: 8/10

Jessica: I had already been on Twisted Colossus before going on again with the other interns. The first time I went on was on grad night. I underestimated the ride and thought it was going to be boring. When I got on all I could think was, “This is going to be just like Ghost Rider.”  Ghost Rider is a ride at Knott’s Berry Farm that is old-fashioned and bumpy. It’s safe to say Twisted Colossus was nothing like Ghost Rider and was the exact opposite. I don’t think I have ever wanted to cry as much as I did then, keep in mind that I love roller coasters and they don’t scare me often. The free fall had me praying and crying, all I could do was scream my head off. The second time was with the other interns. I knew what to expect so it wasn’t as nerve-wracking. I still screamed and it still scared me. The free fall never fails to give me the feeling of adrenaline and slight fear. It was so much fun, it’s honestly one of my favorite rides of all time.

Twisted Colossus: 9/10

Isabella: I am generally a fan of the traditional bumpy roller coaster, however, after riding Twisted Colossus, I think it’s safe to say I have been converted to the hype of the modern twist of the ride formerly known as Colossus. I love that the park felt it was important to modernize the ride while still keeping the nostalgic feel of the old version. It’s easily the longest roller coaster I’ve been on, allowing the rider to indulge in the exhilaration of the smooth drops and upside down twists for nearly four minutes. I found it to be just the right amount of scary; it didn’t feel like I was on the edge of death, but I also had to hold Chloe’s hand the whole time and I did scream a significant amount – a perfect middle ground.

Twisted Colossus: 8.5/10

Jimmy: Out with the old, and in with the new. It’s a common phrase; a common way of viewing the constant progressivism of the modern world. Yet, out with the old doesn’t apply to Twisted Colossus, though the new is most definitely brought in. The Six Flags design team revolutionized the classic wooden “Colossus” to a near perfection – they kept the visual structure (white, long, complex, mid-sized), yet tweaked the coaster with new and innovative advancements in any spot they could. For example, where the traditional “Colossus” ride featured moderately steep-slanting drops, “Twisted Colossus” upped the ante with 80 degree plunges, which make the riders feel as if they falling almost upside down – an exhilaratingly terrifying experience. And where the old colossus bumped and grinded its way along a mogul-like turn, “Twisted Colossus” does the same thing, but upside down. However, the new always comes with downsides, and this coaster is no exception to the rule. Though the ride prides itself on being a four-minute long joy-filled experience, there are still two painstakingly long lifts, which seep a good minute or longer from the ride. Also, the “top gun” feature is heavily advertised (where one cart races above the other simultaneously), yet this feature relies all on luck and timing, and the two carts are rarely in sync. Overall, though, “Twisted Colossus” is a great riding experience, full of inventive features that the rest of the roller coaster world has yet to think of.

Twisted Colossus: 8/10

Donnie: I went into the Twisted Colossus already wanting to love it. I’ve heard about the thrill ride before I went on this ride, so my expectations were already pretty high. I knew to get the full experience from this ride I needed to be at the very front of the coaster. I had no idea how thrilling this ride was going to be. It didn’t start like any other coaster I’ve been on at this park. It began with what I call the “warm-up”, as if the ride was teasing you for what was to come later in the ride. Once we were in full gear and the coaster reached it’s top speed, I couldn’t help but indulge in this ride. The speed is fantastic, the loops are incredible and most importantly, I felt safe on this ride. I don’t have a general fear of coasters, and Twisted Colossus is a perfect example of why I am able to enjoy a ride without having to worry about any safety precautions.

Twisted Colossus: 9/10

Chloe: As a first-timer at Six Flags, I was not sure what to expect out of the mysterious Twisted Colossus ride. I knew that Six Flags was known for its adventurous roller coasters, so I was sure that this one would fall into that category. Nervous and a little anxious, I got on the ride. The first drop was a bit terrifying, only because I was paranoid of flipping out of my seat. After a while, the ride grew on me and I was able to enjoy myself. Then came the second drop, which was much steeper than the first, but still enjoyable. Overall, this ride created a thrilling first impression of the amusement park for me, and I would recommend all visitors to try.

Twisted Colossus: 9/10

Tessa: I was once a verified scaredy cat of roller coasters.  Any and every coaster got to me, and my ear-piercing screams would last the entirety of the ride, temporarily deafening those who sat around me.  I’m proud to say that over the years I’ve tackled that fear, and I pride myself on the fact that I’ve ridden all of Six Flags Magic Mountains’ coasters.  However, the new Twisted Colossus was an unknown ride that I had yet to try out.  Admittedly, I was never a huge fan of the old Colossus, and would skip it if the lines were too long.  After riding the new and improved Twisted Colossus, it will be the first ride I rush to when I visit the park.  The ride is both speedy and smooth, and makes for a thrilling, nearly four-minute trip.  At one point it feels as if the world is inverted as the car you’re riding in travels upside-down for a few seconds, rather than the usually quick loops that rides feature. You may come off Twisted Colossus with your hair sticking in all directions, but there will be a smile on your face as well.

Twisted Colossus: 9/10