Cardi B performs onstage in Brooklyn, NY in October 2017. (Getty Images)
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Opinion: Cardi B is Unapologetically Herself

Cardi B was not always known, but when she came through people’s Twitter timelines in 2014 with her clip “a hoe never gets cold,” she instantly went viral. In a world overloaded with personal branding, she was incredible at marketing herself and making people laugh.

Cardi B is the epitome of the American Dream. Her rags to riches story is a product of living life out in the open and staying true to who you really are. She answers the question of how to become successful while creating authentic content in the modern age. Cardi started as an exotic dancer from the Bronx and passed through phases as an Instagram celebrity and a reality-show star on “Love & Hip Hop: New York” before becoming the rapper she is today. She is unapologetic about her past and is open about the fact that she dropped out of school to escape her abusive boyfriend and become a stripper.

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

Barely two years after a manager told her she might have a good voice for rap, Cardi’s booming song “Bodak Yellow” climbed to No. 1. In a head-to-head chart contest the whole music world was watching, Cardi replaced a musical giant, Taylor Swift, whose song “Look What You Made Me Do” lowered after three weeks on top. The public has spoken and they have declared this song to be a jam.

The song’s title is a homage to Florida rapper Kodak Black because Cardi openly borrowed the laconic, triplet-based cadence of Black’s song “No Flockin.” She credits him as a songwriter by his real name, Dieuson Octave. Reports have stated that “Bodak Yellow” is the first chart-topping female solo rap hit since Lauren Hill’s 1988 smash“Doo Wop (That Thing)”. She is also the first Latina to top the chart since Shakira in 2006 with “Hips Don’t Lie”.

“Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” topping the Billboard charts is truly inspirational. Cardi worked extremely hard to get to where she is, and this just shows that you can accomplish anything that your mind is set to,” said senior Sarah Dickstein.

Cardi B’s new and remarkable debut places her at in the pantheon of great rappers. “Invasion of Privacy” is a direct response to those who doubt Cardi’s success, and it is filled with wild amounts of personality, style, fun, and craft. Cardi shuffled from pop-rap to designer trap and she raps with fire and force. In a world where everyone tries to be the same, Cardi is a natural star who is unapologetically her wild self.


Cardi B inspires a new lane for female rappers — one that has little to do with seeking permission, pandering to white culture or criticizing other women for their sexuality. She continues to pursue what she loves while getting the support from other female rappers in the industry such as Missy Elliot and even Nicki Minaj.

Cardi’s social media presence is goofy, yet gracious, with recent posts on her Instagram, @iamcardib thanking people for congratulating her. She also uses her Instagram platform to bring awareness to topics of importance to her such as Black Lives Matter and her everywoman brand of feminism –– a vision of women’s empowerment where her stripper beginnings do not disqualify her from being a role model. In a world where women feel pressure to conform or shrink themselves, Cardi encourages and inspires young women by proving they too can stray away from society’s limitations.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars backstage at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in New York City on January 28, 2018 (Getty Images)