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Opinion: Kaitlin with the rifle, guns are the problem

Kaitlin Bennett, a 22-year-old born in Zanesville, Ohio who is pro-gun often brags about “carrying” as in being loaded with a gun.

She recently graduated from Kent State University and took a picture with a rifle on her back which got a lot of attention on social media. Her picture got thousands of retweets and tens of thousands likes as it surfaced throughout twitter.

Some people thought her action was inappropriate but others thought what she did and her opinions were right. Her cap had the slogan “COME AND TAKE IT” decorated on it. The slogan is historic, dating back to the Revolutionary War and the Texas Revolution against Mexico.

Bennett believes due to recent school shootings, it should be allowed for students to carry protection rather than improving guns laws.

Why would she post such content knowing victims involved in school shootings are still recovering? It seems as if she’s mocking the situation by portraying weapons continuously when weapons were the root of the problem.

A lot of controversy also arose because people believe the act is proof of white privilege.

People tweeted that if Bennett were a person of color, police would be all over the picture but since Bennett is white, she only received fame out of it. It’s agreeable why people would think she has white privilege. Her actions shouldn’t have received the attention it did, it just creates more anger because of her ignorance and privilege.

What the government should do is create stricter gun laws to make it harder for young people to get a hold of them, not make it okay for us to carry them around campus.

Bennett’s pictures and opinions are nothing but a joke, she doesn’t deserve all the retweets and attention, even in the negative way. She should’ve just been ignored and brushed to the side.