Carson High School

Opinion: The importance of track and field

As most of you might know track season has began approaching early Feb. 2019, and the track team have high expectations for this season.

“The expectations for this team is for everyone to be able to make it to big meets, also break personal records, and go to state and possibly win,” Academy of Education and Empowerment junior Arrieya Harper said.

As a track runner you are seen as a team but sometimes we work as individuals and some still feels like they have some improving to do.

“Attending practices and taking every workout serious can help me improve in my individual races,” Academy of Medical Arts junior Denisse Ortiz said.

These past couple years specifically our boys has had a hard time performing well at city and continued their losing streak. The reason behind their losing streak might be the amount of boys there was on the team or maybe because they weren’t as dedicated. This season there are new boys on the team who believe they can change the reputation.

“It feels special to represent Carson High School track season for the simple fact this year will be the year we break the streak of losing,” Carson High School senior D’Anthony Rhines said.

Track and field is more than just a sport in this world. Running and jumping helps develop muscles in your legs which makes it easier to have good balance.

“Its feels good to represent Carson track team due to their good reputation, and the trend they [the girls] have of winning. Let’s wish the track and field team good luck on receiving more victories,” AEE junior Arrieya Harper said.

Good balance makes it easier to move and prevent injuries. Strength and conditioning is important in track and field and in all sports because the fittest and most prepared athletes are always going to win. Technique suffers when an athlete is lacking in strength and conditioning because the athlete physically cannot get in the positions necessary to be successful.

It is a sport which includes athletic contests established on the skills of running, jumping, and throwing. The workouts help burn body fat and speed up metabolism which helps athletes reach and maintain healthy a body weight. Exercising creates new neurons in the part of the brain that copes with anxiety. Stay fit and stay active.