Clark Magnet High School

Egyptian mythology: Isis, Osiris and Ra

Ancient Egyptians practiced mythology and worshiped many gods and goddesses. They had so many gods and goddesses; there are too many to count!  I will describe three gods and goddesses; Isis, Osiris, and Ra. Isis and Osiris are sibling and also husband and wife and are the  great, great grandchildren of Ra.

The sun god Ra has three aspects.  The first aspect is Khepri as the morning sun. The second aspect is Ra himself as the midsun aspect. The final aspect is Atum as the evening sun. My favorite is Ra because he is the Pharaoh of gods, and as a result, Ra has a lot of power. That made him the lord of creation. An exciting part of his life was when he merged with the war god Horus and together they created Ra-Horakhty, (Ra, The Horus of Two Horizons).

Osiris is the Lord of the Underworld and a god that has other gods work for him. He was the Pharaoh of the gods after Ra left. Osiris wa killed by his brother Set, in a trap. Anubis, the god of funerals sent down by Ra, turned Osiris into a mummy and Isis revived him, but Osiris could be alive in the realm of the dead.

Isis is the goddesses of health, marriage , and wisdom. I think one important thing is that she was one of the two-winged goddesses. Isis was born on one of the demon days, known as the last five days of the year. Following custom of marrying siblings, Isis married her brother now is his sister wife, Osiris.

These are three Ancient Egyptian gods. Isis, Osiris and Ra are both very different and yet similar. Isis and Osiris are brother and sister and both are the great, great grandchildren of Ra.

I enjoy learning and writing about Egyptian mythology.