Sophia Bush, Actress/Activist, The Girl Project, on the Center Stage at Collision 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Image courtesy of Stephen McCarthy / Collision / Flickr)
Cleveland Charter High School

Sophia Bush’s activism inspires students

Known by the younger generation as the transformative character, Brooke Davis, on The CW’s One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush has become so much more than just her iconic character. As an actress with a large platform, she has let her voice be heard on many issues whether it be about voting or human and environmental rights. 

Specifically, Bush became a prominent activist on the issues that women face in the entertainment industry especially in regard to sexual harassment and assault. She is a strong advocate of the Time’s Up Movement which uses legislation as one of their methods to end sexual harassment and assault in work environments. 

Last February, I had the honor to meet and listen to Bush speak at BBYO’s International Convention in Dallas, Texas. As a fan of both Bush’s acting career and activist work I have my biases about her, however, she ignited the need for me to also use my voice to advocate for change. 

At this meeting, Bush highlighted the power that young people hold in this world and that is something not to be forgotten. She also emphasized the strong importance of youth voting and the significance of getting the voices of the youth heard in the government to impact future policies.  

Despite not having attended this conference, students are still impacted by Bush’s work.

“Her bravery inspires me to speak up and act out.” Cleveland Charter High School junior Bridget Weingart said. “She’s the perfect example of how you can fight for causes you believe in and actually make a difference in doing so.”

Weingart admires Bush’s ability to brave criticisms and risk her career to create necessary change.

“[My biggest takeaway was] If you want to use your power to create monumental and meaningful change, then you need to stop and do something,” Weingart said.

Moreover, Chloe DeLaura, another junior at Cleveland Charter High School, notes that Sophia Bush is not one to shy away from the privilege she has, not only as an actress but as a person of the white race.

“She has certain privileges that people of color inherently don’t have access to, and [is] using it her privilege to help benefit society by speaking about the topic [of race],” DeLaura said. “People are blinded by their phones, Hollywood and virtual reality, believing the first thing told to them, which is exactly why activists like Sophia Bush are needed; to preach the truth like a beacon of light.”

Bush’s ability to deliver her messages on many different issues exemplifies the knowledge she has about current society and how invested she is in creating a better world for the future. In a time where there is an ongoing fight for racial equality and ending police brutality, activist Sophia Bush pushes for people to speak up and not remain silent.