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How important is keeping your cool?

How important is keeping your cool?

Keeping cool can actually save your life. It is what verifies if you’re in a normal nature or in a stressful or angry nature. It lets others know that if you weren’t ready before you’re ready now. Also keeping cool could make difficult situations go way smoother for you and the person or problem.

Keeping your cool is very important and many people should try it.


Keeping cool is important because it makes situations go better. For example if you are mad at someone you could do things that you’ll regret later. To find your cool think about what can happen after the bad thing and then you realize to calm down. Finding your cool might help with that, you could change and tell them to simply back off. Therefore you just avoided an accident but also stayed away from the person making you mad.

Stop stress

Another reason that keeping your cool is important is because it avoids unwanted stress. For example if you are trying to do your best at drawing but it just doesn’t come out how you want you get mad but you might be able to stop that. By finding your cool you could just stop, breath and get back to work. By just breathing and taking your break you avoided stressing and white hairs.

Defend yourself

The last reason that proves it’s important to keep your cool is that it can make you look intimidating and work as self-defense. For example if someone big comes up to you, you will be intimidated because a bigger person is walking at your direction. At this point you start to worry and feel fear coming on. If you remember to keep cool and breathe you could size the person up. One you have your cool and the persons in your face they’ll see you’re not scared. The fear is gone and the person that tried to scared you knows that.

Some of the people might tell you that you don’t really need to find you’re cool and should just go with your instinct. They believe that what happens, happens. But on the contrary you should stop yourself, at first it could be hard but after you’re used to doing it, it’s pretty easy. When you get to the point that you’re just used to it is when other people realize it might not be hard. It motivates others to calm down. It is most helpful when you’re going to die. This is because if you go with your first nature it will be to panic and do dumb things. But if you keep your cool and calm down you can think of a plan of action and save your life.

That has happened to me many times and this comes from experience. I calmed down and saw it was the best choice in anything you could do. Calming myself down showed me other people’s thoughts rather than just mine.

Therefore I say that keeping your cool is very important.