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Photoshopped images make us feel bad about our own looks

Technology is developing every year, especially in editing pictures through Photoshop. Photoshop is a bad idea and a big lie that is used in this generation, especially using it in social media which can put someone down for their own looks.

People use Photoshop purposely to edit their pictures to put other people down so they can feel better about themselves. This is quite depressing because then the person who is seeing this edited image put themselves down, wishing they were this “perfect” and can cause low self-esteem or depression.

Photoshop is a huge lie in social media that causes rumors and for some odd reason, people see social media as a reliable source. However, little do they know it’s all bunch of lies on their screens. Photoshop is used by people who go overboard on it. They edit pictures to the extreme that can look so realistic.

People easily believe the pictures they see on social media but sometimes when a person uses too much Photoshop, you can easily noticed. For example, Kim Kardashian used Photoshop once to edit her curves and maybe some girls were putting themselves down already because they wished they had the body as her. However when some “internet trolls” pointed out the flaw people went crazy. Some people couldn’t believe that she uses Photoshop to edit her pictures, but that’s good it was noticeable so the people can know not everything they see on social media is real.

Photoshop can be used in cyberbullying and it can offend people in their looks. Some cruel people use Photoshop to edit pictures but not in themselves but on other people. They can make the person look odd and funny and post it, thinking it’s funny and cool. This can lead the person who is getting bullied offended and have low self-esteem. Photoshop is supposed to use it to only edit some flaws in a picture but people are going overboard with it.

Photoshop tricks us, thinking it’s real but it’s not. It’s okay to edit a little on a picture but when people do it way too much, it needs to stop. That person who edited the picture will feel good about themselves but then later on wouldn’t because their looks aren’t the same in person. I see Photoshop as a big lie in society.