East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The Latino Walk Of Fame

It was a sunny day. The temperature was pleasant to go out and spend time outside. I decided to go to Whittier Boulevard because I heard about the Latino Walk of Fame. Many people from the Eastside know it. I was curious how it looked. It was my first time walking down this famous street in East Los Angeles. I was in a car the other time I passed by it. It was around 9 o’clock when my family and I arrived there to see El Camino de la Fama. They were curious as well. At first, there were not many people. However, after 12:00pm, many people started to show up because there were restaurants families or group of friends could go to get a delicious Mexican lunch. When walking, I observed some details that caught my eyes. On the sidewalks, there were many circles and figures with a sun plaque. Some of the figures have Hispanic names,others were blank.

While walking down Whittier Boulevard, I met a Hispanic man named Roberto. He was standing outside of a tailoring store. Since I thought the Latino Walk of Fame would be like Hollywood Stars, I approached him and asked where it was located. Unfortunately, he just told me that there are only a few figures with names because the project stopped three to four years ago. After conversing with this man, I walked and walked until I discovered some figures with names. Even though the Latino Walk of Fame is not as famous and full of stars as the Hollywood one, it is something unique to have in the East Los Angeles community in order to show that Hispanics have talented people.

One of the figures that caught my attention was Antonio Aguilar’s plaque. It does not have anything different from the other figures, but it reminded me of my grandmother, which made it special to me. I was happy to see his name on this figure because I know a little about him, and I can share my admiration for someone’s talent.  

From my point of view, East Los Angeles needs many improvements, like having more interesting places to visit. The Latino Walk of Fame could be one of them. Had the project continued, Whittier Boulevard would be a better place. It would become a touristic and a recognized place. Outsiders who do not know about Hispanic famous people would have the opportunity to learn about them after seeing their names on sidewalks. This landmark is a symbol of East Los Angeles because Latinos recognize it and are familiar with it. If this landmark did not exist, we would not be able to share our talented people and our interests to others. LatinoWalkofFame-RamosAlejandra-photo05 LatinoWalkofFame-RamosAlejandra-photo04 LatinoWalkofFame-RamosAlejandra-photo03 LatinoWalkofFame-RamosAlejandra-02