East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Troy’s Burgers

Three years ago when I moved to East L.A., I already knew about the common fast food restaurants found in every city, but I wanted to know about the specific flavors of East L.A. One of the first places for me to try out was Troy’s Burgers. All the friends I met in East L.A. told me about it, which showed me it’s well-known. It’s basically a Mexican-American restaurant which is something rare to see. People use it as a place to get something quick to eat. If people are with friends, it a great place for a stop. It’s a medium-sized building, which is standard for a burger place. It’s a very colorful building with a retro and cultural look toward Hispanic culture. It has inside and outside seating in case it’s too hot or too cold outside. Inside, it has so many pictures of all the food it offers to show what your order will look like. It’s unique because it has the cultural food of East L.A., an area that is made up of 97% Hispanics. The restaurant also has the classic American foods. With its variety of foods, it has one of the biggest menus I’ve ever seen in a restaurant. There’s over 160 options on the menu! I personally love the food, but I’m not allowed to eat any fast food at the moment. I highly recommend it for anyone who hasn’t tried it out though. You’re not at risk of any sanitation problems because they have scored in the 90s every time they have had an inspection.

Someone new should consider eating here because it has different types of food with different cultural options. It’s something new, rather than just eating at McDonald’s, Jack-in-the-Box, Burger King, or Carl’s Jr. again. When I had a family member come out to visit, I had him try it out and he gave it high praise for its flavor. He said Troy’s Burgers had their own specific kind of taste with their food, which shows it has its own personality. I would be very surprised to see it taken down because so many people know about it and will be upset if they lose a flavor they’ve long known about. With its design and colors, Troy’s Burgers gives value to the cultural spirit of Hispanics, which makes it a landmark with its variety of foods that give you a different taste. It’s a place open for everyone to explore and see something new. This makes it a unique and interesting place for outsiders to visit.

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