El Segundo High School

TaDa! Catering– how the rock stars eat



“Being able to serve others by giving people delicious and gorgeous food. It’s this simple, and that is why we do what we do.”

                                                                        Shellyln Brandler, TaDa! Catering


When I was a little girl, my mom took me to a party where I tasted the most delicious food I had ever had- ahi-tuna tartar paired with gourmet potato chips. I had never tasted anything as divine, and to this day it remains my favorite dish. It was there that I met Shelleylyn Brandler, rock-and-roll caterer, and her partner, executive-chef Mike Goerdel, who was trained by Wolfgang Puck.  Together they are the creators of the delicious ahi, and the talent behind TaDa! Catering.

Fast forward ten years and I once again find myself with the most flavorful tastes on  my palate- this time I am at Coachella eating ceviche prepared by TaDa! and sitting amongst rock stars. Roaming around, I see Calvin Harris, Halsey and Ice Cube, and we are all there for a common purpose- not for the music at this moment, but to experience the food fantasy that TaDa! offers as it caters to 1,800 artists at Coachella around the clock during the festival.  Ahh, that shaved brussell sprout salad!

And that is the goal of TaDa! as owner Brandler tells me “to provide high quality beautiful and delicious foods that you can eat with your eyes while savoring each bite and to be a gracious host to all who come into catering.”

TaDa! began catering Coachella in 2006, and has catered Stagecoach since it’s inception, 10 years ago. In addition, TaDa! has catered for tours as Taylor Swift, Katie Perry, the Warped Tour, the FYF Festival and KROQ Acoustic Christmas. This is in addition to being the house caterer at the Forum, the Microsoft Theater and Novo, as well as doing large-scale rock shows at Dodger Stadium like ACDC and Paul McCartney. Not to mention, Foo Fighters, Justin Bieber, U2, The Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Weezer, Blink-182, Iron Maiden, Snoop Dog, and Rihanna. Oh, and least I forget, not just rock stars- President Obama just this year enjoyed TaDa!

What I find most impressive about TaDa! and Ms. Brandler is the graciousness that Ms. Brandler exudes. Her personal, warm touch reaches out to everyone that eats TaDa! Food- she is the definition of graciousness. When I asked how you feed 1,800 people a day, she quickly pointed out that it could not be done without her amazing staff of 150.

“Catering is such a collaborative endeavor there are key team members in every area. Surround yourself with good people. Coachella is one of the best festivals in the world but they cannot do it without the best production team, lighting, the best sound, the best catering, etc… Stay loyal to people and they will stand by you and give them the best version of them selves!” Brandler said.

Because she is such an inspiration as a businesswoman I asked Ms. Brandler what advice she can give to my teen readers.  She shares “nothing worthwhile comes easy. What you get is in direct proportion to what you put into it. Be tenacious, and continuously reset the bar for yourself. You’re in competition only with yourself to be the ‘BEST YOU’ you can be!”

So, if you want to live each day by making rock stars happy while enjoying the best music in the world, or your equivalent of this, what I learned in interviewing TaDa! is to decide what you want and put in the work to get it.  As teens this is a lesson that resonates.  Rock on!