Grace Lee is a rising senior at Buena Park High School and the editor-in-chief of the Paw Prints. (Image courtesy of Grace Lee)
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Exemplifying the traits of well-rounded journalism: Grace Lee

Grace Lee is a journalist who focuses on podcasting as a medium to allow people to share their stories authentically. 

Lee, a rising senior at Buena Park High School, is the editor-in-chief of her school paper Paw Prints, a Student Advisory Board Member at HS Insider and host of her very own podcast, Inspire to Aspire. 

Lee shares that she has learned leadership skills during her tenure as editor-in-chief.

“This position taught me a lot about leadership, more specifically what makes a good leader,” she said. “Being a leader, I had to lead, support, mediate and challenge.” 

Especially during this time of distance learning, Lee has buckled down the responsibility to coordinate with her administration, adviser and colleagues to make sure the newsroom was running smoothly. 

“She was always good at doing her job, she was always on top of it,” Isela Santillanes, a classmate of Lee’s and a colleague for Paw Prints, said.

Lee’s podcast came together at the start of 2021. She interviews other inspirational speakers in hopes of inspiring others. 

“I really like talking to people and hearing their stories, so I decided to combine my two passions into one,” Lee said. 

Lee hopes to inspire the current generation to pursue their goals and dreams without feeling like there is a lack of resources to do it. 

When it comes to the important aspects of communication she believes it is listening to each other and truly understanding one another. 

“It’s one thing if you’re just listening, but it’s another thing if you’re understanding what that person is saying and where they’re coming from,” Lee said. 

These are essential skills for journalists in gathering and delivering information across platforms, which Lee has embodied, she said. 

Gathering and delivering information across platforms are the skills Lee has learned to adopt. 

She also plans to pursue journalism in college. 

“I also hope to expand my knowledge in multimedia journalism, like broadcast journalism and photojournalism,” Lee said.

Looking toward her future, she said she hopes to become a well-rounded journalist who can tell a powerful story with more than just words.