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Music review: One Direction shouldn’t make music in the A.M.

Though the band was proud of their album, A&E writer Suvee Ranasinghe thinks "Made in the A.M." is One Direction's worst album yet. Credit: Columbia Records

With Zayn Malik out of the mix, One Direction is fleeing from their past. For the fifth consecutive November, the pop boy band released new music just in time for Christmas. In attempt to leave their past behind, One Direction produced their fifth album, “Made in the A.M.” It’s my least favorite thus far.

The music group sounds like anyone but themselves. Many of the songs reminded me of other artists and other songs. However, the variety in this album is slightly impressive. Out of the 17 songs, I was able to find a mere four that I thoroughly enjoyed.

“Drag Me Down” and “Perfect” are not only catchy, but also great “pick me up” songs. These pieces are bound to get you on your feet, and jamming out in your car while driving.

By far however, my favorite track on the entire album is “If I Could Fly.” This song sounds like a piece the band would have performed on the X Factor in 2010. While the song is genuine to their roots, it’s more mature and serious than any other track. It talks about missing family and friends while on the road, but also trying to be true to themselves while away from home.

The rest of the tracks go in one ear and out the other. Most of them I didn’t love, just slightly hated. The album opens with “Hey Angel,” a pointless song that continues and builds into absolutely nothing. Many of the tracks are stuck in a repetitive and obnoxious zone. They lack substance and left me dragging myself through the entire album.



It was in these tiresome moments of repetitive songs that the real stars shone through. By the time I got to “I Want to Write You a Song,” I was ecstatic to be greeted by Harry Styles and an acoustic instrumental.

It was tracks such as “Never Enough” that made me want to cover my ears. The song is tedious and boring. There was no “pizazz” to it.

Before you all say I’m out to get One Direction, I was a die-hard fan for almost three full years. I eventually grew out of the band and found other music. I loved their first three albums but this one specifically has a hint of the same cliché pop boy band sound that is geared toward 13 year olds.

While specific songs had me falling in love, a majority of the tracks were a letdown. I was anticipating to hear One Direction with a new mature sound, but instead was given a boy band trying to impress the crowd. Had the band taken this album as an opportunity to mature and develop their music, I possibly would have enjoyed this album more.

Regardless of how I felt about the album, Styles felt “very happy with it.” He stated it was “the best record we’ve made.”

After the massive social media eruption when Malik left, the four continued on their own. Liam Payne believed this album was their favorite “because it’s the most we’ve ever written together, which is nice.”

I can not say that I hated the entire album. There are a few songs that I will be continuing to listen to. One Direction overall attempted to stick with their young audience, resulting in former fans like me to grow out of their genre.

-Suvee Ranasinghe