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Opinion: Hollywood is out of ideas

If you haven’t noticed, Hollywood has developed a tendency to make and release more movie sequels and reboots. Why, you may ask? Because Hollywood has run out of ideas.

Lauren Duca told the Huffington Post, “250 sequels are scheduled to release in the next five years and even more in the years of 2005 to 2020.’’

A few examples of these sequels and reboots include “IT,” “Jumanji,” “Baywatch,” “Spider-Man,” “Fast and Furious,” “Planet of the Apes,” “Toy Story” and “X-Men.” Additionally, Hollywood is releasing more and more live action remakes of animated movies such as “Cinderella,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Jungle Book,” “Maleficent,” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

This may not be such a bad thing for some people but it is for others. We’re letting them take our money for something we’ve already watched hundreds of times. They’re producing the same stuff and they’re getting rewarded by getting our money. This is bad, we need something new and different and not the same old plot.

I understand that it’s fun to see our favorite childhood animated movie come to life or that it can be exciting to see a remake of a classic film but an overwhelming majority are sick of reboots. We get tired of watching the same thing and if you haven’t yet, you will.

Even then, it doesn’t matter if you like these movies or not because Hollywood ultimately doesn’t care. As long as the movie industry keeps profiting from these reboots, they’ll continue producing unwanted sequels. Moreover, the lack of production of original movies demonstrates that Hollywood is no longer using creativity in films and is quickly running out of movie ideas.

We should all be able to enjoy seeing something new on the big screen as opposed to a lame movie reboot, like “Grease.” Most important, if an original movie was a great hit the first time around then it shouldn’t be remade, like “Halloween.”

My point is, many of us are getting bored or upset of remakes and sequels. Hollywood should start thinking about making a great ending for those sequels and stop thinking of ways to keep stalling. We need to let them know that we want to see something new, something that might not be seen before or make more movies about historic events that maybe most of us haven’t heard about. Then again, as I said as long as we keep buying movie tickets, Hollywood isn’t going to stop making reboots or remakes and we’ll be stuck seeing the same thing.