Nadia Chung and her grandfather Dr. S.H. Chang protest against gun violence at a March for Our Lives protest in 2018. (Photo courtesy of Nadia Chung)
La Cañada High School

Column: An open letter to President Biden, from me and my 85-year-old grandfather

Dear President Biden,

We need you to be a hero. These first few months of your presidency will set the tone for the next four years. Please do not let it be one of inaction.

We urge you to ban guns immediately.

At the very least, you must create more stringent regulations and promote gun control. Far too many innocent lives have and will continue to be lost because of an outdated clause in the Second Amendment. Though it requires the type of congressional and state majorities that we have rarely seen before, this revision is not impossible if you change the United States’ political climate as a whole. As our new president, you are in the perfect position to do precisely that.

You now have 331,002,651 impressionable eyes on you. What you choose to do will speak volumes and be echoed by the rest of the country. The United States mobilizes at your behest, but it’s your responsibility to lead us well. Please stand behind banning guns. Be the president that finally pushes us to unite in realizing that lives will always matter more than a feeling of entitlement to weapons.

This is your chance to fulfill the promise you’ve made to serve the United States. When our children one day go back to school in person, let them learn without being in constant fear. Please prioritize protecting the United States’ youth and future.

We hope that you can go beyond what is just convenient and instead create real change. Please do what the country needs. Focus on ending gun violence.



Dr. S.H. Chang and N. Chung