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Does the music you listen to link to your personality?

Music can create your own world without anyone interfering. It’s an excellent way to connect with others, let out your emotions, and express your feelings.

We all know that music impacts our mood during the day. For example, listening to upbeat music can get you into an energetic mood or listening to sad music can make you depressed. A type of chemical is responsible for you feeling a certain way. The chemical is dopamine, according to Study.com, dopamine is “a chemical responsible for sending messages between the brain and different nerve cells of the body.”

Music can impact your mood, but can music impact your personality? Can listening to your favorite song change who you are? Information founded in Verywell.com claims, “Researchers have found that people who prefer certain styles of music tend to exhibit specific personality traits.”


Listening to your favorite genre music every day can somehow actually affect your personality. Professor Adrian North of Heriot – Watt University conducted a study of how one’s music taste impact one’s personality. He ask more than 36,000 people in more than 60 countries. He gathered loads of information about people and got his results (shown on the right).

Producing music tends to make you more creative because you are coming up with lyrics and beats to create a piece. Music can also make you a stronger individual. The lyrics in the songs can make you realize that you have to be stronger, kind, brave, independent, etc.

Not only music can be your escape, it can help you evolve into a better person. The lyrics inside the song can bring out the strength you have inside of you.

Bringing music into our ears can make us leave with a happy, energetic mood throughout the entire day. The brain releases dopamine which helps us feel happier and comfortable. Listening to music every day can be linked to our personality. For example, it can make us a cheerful person if we listen to pop music, it can make us a creative person if we listen to classical music, listening to indie music can show you are an introvert.

Music can alter someone’s life in only a day and can make someone more independent and stronger. Music can change our personalities dramatically throughout our day. Listening to music shapes into the person you are today.