(Image courtesy of John Hah)
Loyola High School

Message to my next president: Water is the backbone of life

Dear Future President,

Looking back on the last year, things have not been going too well. From the pandemic ravaging the world to the wildfires burning through the West Coast, there is clearly room for improvement in every aspect of our lives. However, much overlooked is a critical issue that is fundamental to our very survival as a species — water conservation.

Although the earth that we live on is more than 70% water, only an unimaginably small amount of it is actually considered drinkable water. With how things are going forward currently, massive amounts of trash, chemicals and other dangerous pollutants have swamped our lakes and oceans, and we as humans are the cause of it.

I believe that you should address this issue before we hit a point of no return.

I have seen lakes and ponds that have been completely contaminated. On the news, plants and animals are reportedly getting sick or dying in droves from touching or even drinking such water.

This is unacceptable.

I believe that this water issue isn’t just something that this country is facing; rather it’s an issue impacting all nations of the world, and I’d like to bring your attention to this matter to create a safe and sustainable planet for future generations.

Potable water and healthy ocean water remains a global concern. Industrialized countries and multinational companies operating in developing countries are rather interested in raising the bar in terms of increased production volumes for profit.

However, as a drawback, less emphasis is placed on the treatment of waste before being dumped into our environment. There’s no telling what’s to come next. But no bright future certainly awaits us if we continue down our current path.

Going forward, I highly suggest that you, the President of the United States, must lead the whole world in coming to terms with the dangers of water pollution and mismanagement because lives are certainly on the line.


John Hah

Loyola High School

Los Angeles, California