Loyola High School

Opinion: Upsides of TikTok and other social media

People always complain that these “children” are always on their phones too much. They ask us why and what we’re doing, almost always assuming we’re doing something wrong. Like we’re planning to blow our houses up or sneak out at 3 a.m. to kidnap the president’s dog. 


Sure, social media has some things that are negative, but most of it is people uplifting each other, showing each other love, complimenting each other and watching videos to brighten our days. 

For example, TikTok. Yeah, there are some videos that are super stupid and unnecessary, but even those can put a smile on someone’s face. TikTok is mostly people doing things together, dancing, pranking, eating, anything you can think of at all.

Look at this little girl and her mom dancing together. I couldn’t stop watching.

Another one — a cat playing with the camera. Look at that. I’m sure everyone who watched the video wanted to bite the cat’s ears off. I don’t understand, I’m a dog person but watching this is just wholesome.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 9.41.10 PM

Lastly, there are so many videos that you can find, anything that interests you at all. If I want to laugh, I can scroll until I see a video of anything funny and wholesome. Sometimes I want to get hyped before I work out or go to practice, so I’ll watch videos of my favorite athletes or random everyday people doing new moves or trying new stuff out.

I’ll watch NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. take someone’s ankles and grab the ball right out the air, or NBA star James Harden cross someone up and step back on them. I’ll watch these people to inspire me and be as good as them when I go to play.

People may think that what we’re doing on our phones is stupid, but sometimes people do things just to give them the slight happiness that’ll make their day.

Here’s an Odell Beckham one, and a James Harden one.