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Yehuda Devir: Bringing life to art

What’s better than merging real-life inspiration with a dream profession? Graphic designer and illustrator Yehuda Devir creates visuals based on everything he loves– from posters to character designs.

Art has always played a large part in Devir’s life. As a child, he would scribble all over the walls of his parents’ house. While the typical parent would be a little miffed, Devir’s weren’t even remotely mad. In fact, they scribbled alongside him, and his father would paint the wall every night so that Devir would have a clean slate to doodle on the next day.

Devir then fueled his passion by graduating with a B.Des in Visual Communication at Bezalel at Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. His graduation project was an astonishing piece named Cinephile, which compiled 300 of the most iconic bits from films from the timespan of 1920 to 2016.

Cinephile//Yehuda Devir

A notable part of Devir’s work is his blog. Unlike other illustrators, Devir often shares his private life through his art, which he describes as “just a special perception of special moments.” Often times, his ideas come from his everyday life and moments with his wife, which he then takes to the computer to start illustrating.

“The very fact that I decide to share the world with my private life is different from anyone who takes these moments for granted.” Devir said. “It is important to understand that when it comes to relationships, it is forbidden to take your wife for husband for granted.”

How it’s always my turn to do the dishes??//Yehuda Devir

Apart from deriving drawings from his life, Devir also creates posters, book illustrations, series, and fulfills the occasional special request. His series includes “The Beast Inside”, “Musrara”, and others, and his book illustrations include “RIZOKO- The Journey Begins.”

RIZOKO- The Journey Begins// Yehuda Devir

Since his job is his passion, Devir loves everything in his work.

“The truth is that I did not think my illustrations had such an impact until I discovered that so many people around the world felt empathetic to them.” Devir said. “I’m glad I have the opportunity to touch people from all over the world with my heart.”

Yehuda Devir and Maya Devir//Yehuda Devir