Alexis Nunez will attend Stanford in the fall. (Photo courtesy of Alexis Nunez)


Alexis Nunez aims high to achieve her academic goals

Meet HSI summer intern Alexis Nunez.
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Diego Andrade

August 3, 2023
Alexis Nunez is a recent graduate of Math, Science, and Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School and will study communications at Stanford in the fall. 

“I feel really relieved. I am really happy to move on with this chapter of my life and start the new chapter of college,” Nunez said.

During the High School Insider internship, Nunez refined her writing and reporting skills. Nunez said she loves journalism and wanted to choose a major closely tied to it. In addition to her communication major, Nunez plans to study politics and journalism. 

“My hardest struggles would be balancing all of my academics with all of my extracurriculars,” Nunez said. “At one point I was balancing three or four AP classes on top of 10 activities at the same time.” 

Looking back on it, Nunez said that workload was incredibly taxing on her. 

“I think that the outcome in terms of college was worth it, but I don’t think that any child or just any high schooler, period, should put themselves under that pressure to get into an institution,” Nunez said. 

Nunez’s work led to her becoming Roosevelt High School’s Class of 2023 valedictorian.

“I didn’t go into high school saying that I’m gonna become valedictorian and I’m gonna go to Stanford. Those are things that just happened because of my hard work,” Nunez said.

When she considered her options for college, Nunez said she felt Stanford was the best option for her talent to thrive. 

“I feel like the school really fits me,” Nunez said. 

When she’s not studying, Nunez enjoys hobbies such as reading, baking and going to the beach to walk her two little dogs, Bruno and Yoshi. 

“I like reading books that have movies and comparing them to each other,” Nunez said. 

Dayanara Urbina, a fellow recent graduate of Roosevelt High School, described Nunez as a fun and loving best friend. 

“Sometimes at first she’s intimidating or she looks intimidating, but she’s actually really nice and she’s a really lovable person,” Urbina said.

Nunez said she feels indecisive about what career path best suits her and her talents. She said she loves journalism, but can see herself pursuing a career as an environmental lawyer or a human rights attorney.

Regardless of which career path Nunez chooses, she said sharpening her writing and communication skills will always be helpful in her future pursuits.  

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