Trump gives a speech to his supporters. (Image courtesy of Flickr / Gage Skidmore)
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Opinion: Donald Trump has missed the mark again

Donald Trump, his administration and the entire Republican party have sent the United States into hysteria again and again over the past 3 and ½ years of his Presidency. Trump has spent his time in office sitting behind a computer tweeting out wild claims, non-fact based news and hypocritical statements.

A recent podcast discussed Trump’s concerning mental health and how that affects his ability to be president.

Over the past three days, Donald Trump has proven how hypocritical and blind to real issues he really is. His blatant lack of respect regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement has caused and fueled the fires of yet another great divide in the United States of America.

Before I talk about Donald Trump’s absolute botchery in his handle of the Black Lives Matter movement, I want to make one thing clear. This is not a trend.

What I often notice happens is an African American is murdered by a police officer due to the racist system and individual officer, then social media goes wild, for about 30 minutes. White influencers often sandwich a memorial post between a snapshot of their morning matcha and a sponsored story for a makeup product.

However, African Americans don’t get the same privilege that white people do. The privilege of posting a swipe up to a memorial fund that allows the influencer to calm their white guilt and then move forward with their lives.

African Americans have been fighting for racial equality for hundreds of years and it’s just every so often that it begins to gain the traction the movement deserves. Even now, with hundreds protesting and fighting for equality, many Instagram account holders are simply posting black screens and a couple of reposts on their stories. This performative and optical activism is used to solely show that they “care” rather than actually doing anything for the movement.

There are 22 million black squares posted yet not even 12 million signatures for George Floyd. This proves that those who are continuing to post pictures of their friends and dinners are showing off that they have enough privilege to simply not care. 

With that aside, let’s talk about the main focus of this piece, Donald Trump.

Trump doesn’t understand why people are protesting, and what’s going on at those protests. Trump’s Twitter has made it clear that he thinks African Americans are the ones starting the riots and making the protests violent.

Not the case.

White people are the ones making things violent. Not to mention the fact that things really don’t get violent until the police show up and start tear-gassing and shooting rubber bullets at crowds of peaceful protesters.

Trump isn’t aware of that, or if he is, he is refusing to believe it. He is still blaming the protesters for the violence when really he should be blaming his system, his people and the police.

Trump and many other conservative individuals, groups and news stations also have the false impression that the protests are solely to avenge and get justice for George Floyd’s murder.

Yes, Floyd’s murder was despicable, and justice must be served to all four of the police officers that took part in his brutal killing. However, George Floyd was just the tip of the iceberg.

The justice that people are seeking right now is not only for George Floyd but for Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Aiyanna Jones and hundreds of other Black lives that have been lost due to racism in the police force.

Donald Trump stating “Justice will be served for George Floyd” in a tweet doesn’t just make everything better. 

The system is still racist; the system was built on racism. The United States was built on racism. Built on the backs of African Americans. Built on stolen land.

This brings me to my next and final point: Donald Trump’s blatant hypocrisy. Trump will talk about how terrible the looting is, and then celebrate the Boston tea party and laud the great patriotism that occurred that day. He will celebrate Columbus day and act as if he founded America. Columbus didn’t find America; you can’t find something if people are already living there.

But Trump doesn’t view those looting and riots as bad, because they were done by, and benefited, white people. Donald Trump has proved he is racist time and time and time again

Back in the 1970s, the Nixon administration had to sue Donald Trump for refusing to rent his properties to black people, according to VOX. A particularly egregious example of Trump’s hypocrisy is his statement that he respects peaceful protests, while he clearly does not.

According to the New York Times, in 2017 Mike Pence attended a football game and left when players took a knee during the National Anthem. Donald Trump later tweeted confirmation that he wanted Mike Pence to leave. Trump doesn’t want the protests to be peaceful, he wants the Black Lives Matter movement to not exist at all. 

Donald Trump and his administration are racist hypocrites who make decisions for the United States that reflect just that. I think the moment that will mark Trump’s presidency in the history books is right now when the United States needed a leader the most, then Trump turned off the lights of the White House and hid in a bunker.