Josh Raven of The Faim at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on April 13 (Ashley Ramynke / L.A. Times College Insider)
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Concert Review: Australian alternative band The Faim builds anticipation for debut record and world tour

The El Rey Theatre nestled between restaurants and shops on Miracle Mile in Los Angeles was occupied by an electric crowd of pop punk kids to older glam rockers awaiting Australian alternative band The Faim on April 14.

On “The Ghost of North America” tour in support of Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Black, The Faim’s youthful alternative energy juxtaposed Black’s darker and more theatrical essence.

Entering the dimly lit stage, the band composed of vocalist Josh Raven, guitarist Sam Tye, bassist and keyboardist Stephen Beerkens and drummer Linden Marissen immediately emitted a hypnotizing energy.

As the first notes hit, Raven outfitted in a black T-shirt and purple leopard print pants thrashed around the stage with a whirlwind of movement.

Playing a setlist compiled of songs off their 2018 debut EP “Summer Is a Curse” and newly released singles “Fire” and “Amelie,” the band built anticipation for their debut record set to be released later this year.

Continuing to amplify the energy as the set neared the end, Raven left his bandmates onstage and ran in between the maze-like crowd.

As they thanked the audience before leaving the stage, I was captured in a hypnotic-like trance by their ability to create a community between themselves and the audience with their energetic and youthful essence in a mere 45 minute set.

This solidified my belief that the band is on an upward trajectory that will grow with the release of their debut record and newly announced “State of Mind” world tour.

Then awaiting Black’s performance, Raven stood in the back of the venue to greet fans. Glowing from post-show adrenaline and sweat, his collected composure seemingly opposed his wild onstage persona.

“For me, being onstage it’s a therapy, it’s my home, it’s the place where I feel most comfortable to express myself,” said Raven, greeting fans after the set. “I’m a very introverted, anxious sort of person, but when I’m up there it’s like there’s no boundaries, there’s no rules, there’s no regulations. So that’s the place where you get to see the most wild part of myself.”