Garfield Senior High School

Christian Diaz

My name is Christian Diaz and and I am 17 years old. I am currently attending Garfield High School, the best school in East L..A. Growing up in East L.A. and going to Garfield was a dream for me. I Love the diversity and the education that Garfield offers and I also love the different opportunities given to me here. Such as being able to get fee waivers for the sat, having a peer counselor to help keep you on track having an apex class to help you catch on your credits and being able to join a variety of clubs at school. I am a very active person who is always on the move playing sports but only as a hobby. Although I do not participate in a sport at school, I like to play basketball and occasionally I play soccer. Other things I enjoy are watching anime shows such as Naruto, Boruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Attack on Titans. I also enjoy getting to know about other religions and cultures such as, Muslims, Buddhist, Jews and many other religions, but I especially love tasting the different foods within other cultures. My favorite type of Mexican food is a burrito with beans rice salsa onion cilantro and chicken. My favorite American food is a burger with cheese. This is an insight as to what kind of person I am.