Culver City High School

Brandon Kim

Brandon Kim is a senior attending Culver City High School and editor-in-chief of his school newspaper The Centaurian. In April 2020 he co-founded the literary journal YAWP, and serves as its editor-in-chief. Brandon is an alumnus of CSSSA, the Kenyon Young Writers Workshop, the Iowa Young Writers Studio and the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute. His work has been awarded in the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards and Letters about Literature, and published in the Blue Marble Review. Brandon also serves as a Second Reader for the literary magazine Polyphony Lit, and is currently a member of the HS Insider Student Advisory Board. When not writing, reading or editing, Brandon can be found on the slopes of the Baldwin Hills, where he works as an intern for the L.A. Audubon-run Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program. He enjoys running and hiking, and lives in Culver City with his family.