Fountain Valley High School

Brandon Nguyen

By Kyle Nguyen Whether he’s writing an opinion article or arguing in a courtroom, there’s something a little different about Brandon Nguyen. Brandon has the ability to captivate you in conversation and peak your interest right when he starts talking. He’s well mannered and gives you his full attention, and you can feel his passion when he talks about his life or the others around him. When he’s not working hard as a student, he’s fond of playing games or trying his absolute best to reach his end goal of becoming a lawyer. “I decided I wanted to become a lawyer because I liked the format and composure of the lifestyle,” Brandon said. To work towards his dream job, he participated in the Fountain Valley High School Mock Trial club, where he practices law and simulates court cases as if he were a lawyer, which gives him valuable experience in the field he wishes to be in. Alongside his passion for law, Brandon also loves history. “My favorite subject is history because it’s interesting to see the patterns from the past relate to the modern day, and what they had and how they thought politically,” Brandon said. No matter what he’s working on, you can count on Brandon to do his absolute best and see good results because he’s determined to see things through to the end. He’s one that many would consider to be a good friend to keep close due to his conscientiousness and addictive and unique personality. And if you ever find yourself in the middle of a court case, call him up and he’ll settle it in a jiffy.