East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Crystal Evony

Crystal Evony Rodriguez attended Santa Isabel Catholic School where she was the Basketball captain for two years and made it to the third round of playoffs with only 6 team members. She is remarkarable in her dedication to helping others and learning new things every day. She has completed over 100 hours working at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. This past summer Crystal got accepted into a very competitive internship, there was about 250 applicants and Crystal along with 106 high school students got the job. Yet she didn’t think having a full time internship Monday-Friday would be enough so she continued to work as a Shift Leader at her official part time job at Yogurt- land in which she has received three Employee of the Month Certificates for her hard work and commitment to her job. Not only does she go above and beyond while completing tasks or assignments but she has great skills of Leadership which allow her to lead others into doing good things. Entering her finally year in high school she has already won the spot as ASB Secretary for her school and is currently running for Garden Club president while still managing to take AP Calculus, AP Literature, working part time, and being a youth leader at her Parish meaning she will be teaching both a confirmation and first communion class. Her goal this year is to graduate with a 3.5 or above and finally get her license. Crystal is beyond thankful for all the support and love she has received from her family, and friends.