East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Crystal Montiel

Crystal Montiel who is a student at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. She was born on March 30, 2001. She is 15 years old and the oldest from her family, since she has two small brothers. Her favorite school subject has always been PE. She likes being active and always moving around like doing activities and exercises. When she finishes High school she would love to go to college and her dream college would be UC Irvine. She is very realistic on anything and will say whatever is on her mind if necessary. Crystal is an outgoing person, she is friendly to whoever is friendly to her, if not it’s the complete opposite. She loves helping and especially helping out her friends. Since she has a friend who came from Mexico and didn’t know English, I’ve had helped her for almost a year with her English. On her free time she loves to read books. That’s her favorite thing to do and she especially loves reading books that are about Romance, horror, self-help and even poetry. Her passion is makeup she loves it. When she grows up she wants to practice more and study Cosmetology. Her dream is to become a professional makeup artist one day.