East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Diana Morales

Boyle height is the community I was born and raised. I’ve lived there all my life. Even though I don’t live around East LA that city is an important community to me because, I have always attended schools on that side of the community. When I entered the my first year of high school I went to Roosevelt high school which is located in Boyle Heights the only reason I attended that school was because my parents told me I had no choice but to attend there, because that’s the high school they went to and they wanted me to graduate from that school. To them Roosevelt is like a sort of pride because it represents the Boyle heights community. To me is just like any other school. When I attended Roosevelt it was always go to school and after school go straight home so I never had the chance to explore my own community. My sophomore year I decided to transfers to renaissance academy at Torres HS because it’s a small school and I believed I could receive more help and higher opportunities to attend college. At Torres I made great friends and I actually join a sport that required to stand in front of a lot of people and perform a routine that something I never thought I would do since I’m not use to standing in front a large crowd. Well when I join the drill team I had the chance to explore that community with my friends. We would go around the neighborhood and organized fundraisers events to earn money to buy uniforms and go to competitions. All of the places we did the fundraisers where in East LA for example, yogurt land, Baskin Robbins, wing stop, Shakey’s, hometown buffet etc. Our favorite place to go was wing stop we loved the different kinds of flavor for the wings. Even with my family we go to the king taco in east la instead of the one by our neighborhood. I choose to go to that one because I feel like I know it better and I like how when we are waiting in line you can smell the meat. And I always see people that don’t live around East LA going to king taco, because most of the time they don’t have that restaurant by where they live since is kind of like a Mexican restaurant. I’m actually surprise when I see white, Chinese, black, and Philippians buy food from king taco because they only sell Mexican food. That’s why East LA is important to me for giving me different opportunities in school and outside the community. And for having great restaurants, because king taco and wing stop are my favorite restaurants, I love the food they serve there.