Valencia High School

Diya Kar

Diya Kar is a senior at Valencia High School in Placentia, California in the process of obtaining her International Baccalaureate and Valencia Technology Diploma. In Diya's free time, she enjoys spending time with her nonprofit board, Jaggo( Rise Up) to empower women within her local/global community and do hands on research within a multitude of laboratories comprising of City of Hope, UCI, Western University of Health & Sciences as well as Mount Sinai Hospital . Diya enjoys sharing her ideas/struggles with her fellow peers through this online network. After a school day full of rigor and stress, Diya enjoys to draft articles for her own column and illustrate the ways for women interested in rising in the STEM field to take their passion to a higher caliber. Conjoining her interests of serving the community endlessly, and the sciences, Diya hopes to share her enlightening experiences within these fields and provide a forum of guidance for other high school students.