East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Alfredo Trujillo

Alfredo Trujillo is a student at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. He is 17 years old and is ready for what the future hold for him. He was born on March 9, 2001 and has 2 bothers who look up to him. When he’s not in school, he uses his time to play the drums, and Football. Ever since he was little he’s dreamed of doing something great, which in his eyes is being an Architect. He enjoys helping others, which is why he wants to grow up to be an Architect. He thinks that the world needs fixing and wants to participate in helping the world go back to the way it was. When he finishes high school he would like to go to college, so that he can accomplish his dream and be a part of something great. He has accomplished many things, including helping his family fall out a dark hole they were into bright light. He would love to accomplish more in his life, and he knows he can if he goes to college and fulfills his dreams. Alfred is a kind, funny person who just wants to help people in every way he can. He hopes that these new experiences can help him be a better person. That they change him so that he’s more social with new people that he meets.