East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Jisselle Pimentel

Jisselle was born in the city of Monterey Park but raised in East Los Angeles. Jisselle has lived in East Los Angeles all her life and stayed in the same neighborhood for 15 years. She currently attends school at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, the middle school she had attended was named belvedere Middle school and the two elementary she had gone to was Hammel St. elementary school (which is now known as Torres high school) and William R Anton Elementary school. One of the most important accomplishments that Jisselle has done was winning first place in her first ever drill competition in 7th grade. Another accomplishment that Jisselle has completed was her piano lessons when she was in 5th grade. Jisselle culminated from 8th grade with a 3.5 GPA. She had ran the LA kids marathon for three years from third grade all the way to sixth grade. She plans on going to a college nearby so that she can come home on the weekends to visit her family. Jisselle plans to get a career as a homicide investigator and she also wants to study to be an emergency room doctor.