East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Jay Lujan

Jay Lujan, a senior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, born and raised in East Los Angeles, is famous at his school for coming up with innovative ideas such as being the first inaugural mascot at Renaissance. One of Lujan’s proudest accomplishments is being one of the top five sophomores that had a really high GPA (ranked 3rd). He is also proud of being invited to participate in an outside “class” called LASA where they ventured in exploring Los Angeles as a metropolis, and being invited to an overnight field trip where he visited 4 different UCs. Despite all of his school work, he shows so much passion for professional wrestling, videogames, and has a great interest in being with his friends. Lujan found a love for work when he got a taste of it during his time at Metro this past summer, and currently he is looking for more work to add to his resume of work experience. He would be among the first in his family to go to college. He is excited to be applying to schools such as CalState LA, UC Merced, Cal Poly Pomona and possibly UCI. Lujan loves food, and because of that, he feels like it’s his destiny to major in business management, in order to open up his dream restaurant. Even though he has his eyes set on business management, Lujan wouldn’t mind is minoring in Political Science. He feels that because the world changes around him, being a PolySi minor would help him understand what’s going on more. A goal for him, in the next five years is to finish his Bachelor’s and starting his Master’s. After completing his degrees, Lujan will become on being a restauranteur but before this happens his will first need to work in different places, and when he is done, he would love to open up his beautiful bistro with a couple of his friends.